About ATLANTIS Staking

Atlantis Staking Token will be the primary profit sharing staking token of Mammoth's gaming/dapp network. ATIS is deflationary, burning 1% every transfer, buy, or sell.

Atlantis or ATIS, is Mammoth Corp's primary ecosystem token where profits from its games and future platforms are shared. ATIS is a low supply, deflationary token backed by a locked liquidity pool on Uniswap, where it primarily trades. It will be further supported by Mammoth's Capital Fund Token, which will include profit sharing from MCAP, delivering additional dividends to ATIS stakers. Future DEX and possible CEX listings will be sought for ATIS in the future as the platform grows.

About Mammoth - Mammoth Corp was incepted in the hearts and minds of the cryptocurrency community in early 2020. Since then, we have grown into a large collective of like-minded individuals who value the growth and adoption of blockchain technology as well as the merits of decentralized protocols and applications. Our core principles are decentralization, transparency, and open-source development. Our goal is to deliver quality gaming based on those principles.

Thank you for joining us and welcome to our community here at Mammoth Corp, come be a Mammoth with us and build something... BIG!


About VELANTIS Gaming & Mammoth Capital Fund

Velantis Gaming Token will be the secondary gaming token within Mammoth's gaming/dapp network. Mammoth Capital Fund will build an investment portfolio which will serve to add value to the project by investing in actively traded cryptocurrencies.

Velantis or VTIS, is Mammoth Corp's secondary gaming token to be used in it's in-house games and dapps. Additionally, it will be used for entry into Mammoth's Capital Fund token from the second round of it's sale onward. There will only be a limited supply of MCAP which will make VTIS a desirable token within the ecosystem. Gaming dapps are planned to include a slow supply drip called GENESIS, Raffles, and Hourglasses. Remaining portion will be allocated between Team, MCAP, and future dapps. A detailed breakdown can be found within our Whitepaper linked within the page.

Mammoth Capital Fund or MCAP, is Mammoth's investment portfolio which will serve to add value to the project by investing a portion of its earnings into top traded cryptocurrencies, stable coins, decentralized applications, projects, and potentially more. By taking decentralized concepts, such as DAO voting, and applying them to it's growth philosophy, we believe in a community driven approach to the building and development of our project and it's portfolio.

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Q3 2020


Launch of Atlantis staking and Mammoth Capital Fund Token Sale, Round 1.

Q4 2020

VTIS Gaming Development, MCAP Investments

Development and launch of VTIS gaming platform: GENESIS, Raffle, HHH Hourglasses, expansion of MCAP portfolio.

Q1 2021

Expansion of Gaming Platform

More details soon!

Q2 2021

Partnerships and Listing Development

More details soon!

Q3 2021

Future Developments coming soon!

Q4 2021

Future Developments coming soon!

Q1 2022

Future Developments coming soon!